DEC 15 — JUN 16
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What's the fuzz?

Gather some friends, load your skills and boot up your machines. We from Bastli are holding a new contest directly at the Aufenthaltsraum in CAB. You can win prizes, amaze your beloved, or just have some great time. You might hack the light installation, consisting of 15 RGB LED strips, with new fx, big data stuff, an interactive equalizer or something else you like: The more creative, the better. Just implement the simple API below and you are good to go. The contest is split into two stages. ZERO for the software enthusiasts and ONE which focuses on hardware.


The best team gets a 300.- voucher for an electronic shop of their choosing.

First to 12th place get hold of a variety of dev boards, Bastli vouchers, or something to eat ;)


All teams of 2-5 people, consisting of a least 40% ETH students may participate. For stage ZERO, only standard software tools, and basic hardware like a Notebook, Smartphones, or a Kinect is allowed. If you need some equipment, you may ask for it at Bastli. Stage ZERO will end on the 31th of May, 2016.

Discriminatory behaviour like DoS, manipulation and other dark hacks are not tolerated and result in immediate perma-death!

Sign Up

Send an email with all the teams contact detail to or use the form below.

Thanks to all our members and sponsors for making this contest possible.

Development & API

Connect to WiFi BASTLI-Event in Aufenthaltsraum. Password is Contest.


Open UDP socket at in your software.


At 60 Hz rate, send one UDP packet for each strip, containing index and 112 * RGB bytes.

This makes 1 + 3 * 112 bytes, with a 0-based index. 0x05 0xff 0x00 0x00 0xff 0x00 0x00 … will set all LEDs to red on the 6th strip.


It does not matter whether you use Python, C++, JavaScript, or even some VJ software like TouchDesigner. There are many ways that allow for a fluid control of the Bastli LED Strips. Just experiment!

GitHub Examples

The port assignments(indices) of the strips are as follows:

Where the filled circles denote the position of the LED with index 0.